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BA in Vocal Performance BA in K12 Music Ed National Board Certified in Music Choir and Orchestra teacher in Middle and High Schools from 1988-2016. Private Voice Studio opened in 2012. Full time in 2016 Professional memberships in NATS, NAfME and BHS Performed with Illumni Men’s Chorale  on 6th season of America’s Got Talent. Evergreen District Barbershop Quartet Champion in 1989, 2005 and 2015. International competitor as a baritone in 1989, 1990, 1992, as a bass in 2004, 2005, 2007, and as a tenor in 2002, 2013, 2015, 2016 Directed Rainier Valley Harmonizers Barbershop chorus to National Small Chorus championship in 2001.


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My voice studio is located in Puyallup, WA, which is a suburb Southeast of Seattle. While the majority of my teaching occurs there, I have additional services as well. To learn more, explore the links in the menu. For information about my private voice studio, click on LESSONS in the menu above. This also has a link to studio policies, prices and payments. For information about ensemble coaching such as quartets and choruses, click on COACHING in the menu above. Groups will find additional resources and Payment options here. For information about a vocal workshop - either my special TED ‘SHOPS workshops or for a customized workshop built around your needs, click on TED ‘SHOPS in the menu above. For information about Tuning Drones™ and Vocal Conditioning Exercises™, click on TOOLS FOR SINGERS in the menu above. NEWS is where you’ll find information about events I and my students are involved in such as recitals, workshops, shows/concerts and the like. In the LINKS section I have links and resources of interest for singers, and more information about the following additional services I provide: o I Record 4-part learning tracks for men’s ensembles. o I Provide Sound Reinforcement for small events up to about 500 people. o I have a small vocal recording booth for recording solo demos. The GALLERY is host to pictures and videos from various NW Voice Studio demos, events and happenings. For all manner of contact information and directions to the studio, click on CONTACT.
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Ted Chamberlain
Studio is in Puyallup, WA Tuesday afternoons at Queen Anne Baptist Church - Seattle, WA           Skype Lessons available
253-237-4641         ted@nwvoicestudio.com 253-23-SING-1
"A tremendous Vocal teacher and coach. I've taken private lessons from him and our quartet has Ted coaching us. He has a special positive way of helping one see how to improve." - Bill B “Ted, thank you for all you have done. You saw potential I never thought was there. Not only did you see it, you helped me to develop it. I have grown so much as a singer and I am so very grateful.” - Dee N. I just want you to know that I think you are an awesome voice and singing coach … You are knowledgeable, discerning, provide excellent modeling, and keep an excellent balance between discipline and letting the singer explore.  - Scott D. "I have been taking lessons for the last four years. Always insightful, worth recording lessons and listening again, repeatedly. Am a much better singer with Ted. He also helps in the tough times as a friend." – Raymond H "Ted has a phenomenal ear for music and a genuine passion for helping everyone along his or her individual path to excellence. His remarks are consistently insightful and encouraging. I heartily recommend him." – Mike H. "My first experience with Ted was in April for a personal voice lesson. By the time the 'where-did-the-time-go' hour was up, I was singing more resonantly with more power behind it and my head filled with concepts and tips to keep that space going. After reviewing my recording of the session, I was amazed again by the knowledge this man has! But having the knowledge is one thing; being able to explain and teach it well is the real gift! Ted is able to explain and demonstrate what it is he's wanting from your instrument with patience and kindness. If you don't get it, he goes a different way until you do. The second sesson with Ted included my entire barbershop quartet. We have an important competition ahead of us and not a lot of time to make major changes! Ted was able to quickly discern our problem areas and succinctly explain how to improve them. Little nuances that make a huge impact on the performance! That's just the musical portion. He made time in this session to also work on our attitudes, as individuals and as a quartet. We're a really good quartet. Knowing that, believing it and owning the stage is where the success starts. Ted did more for us in an hour than we've done in the whole time we've been together. He's extraordinary and investing time with him to improve your voice and performing ability is priceless! 5 stars!!!" – Melanie M. "I'm in a competitive barbershop quartet, and Ted Chamberlain has been our main coach for several years. His coaching has brought our quartet up to a MUCH higher level, and we plan to continue with him as long as we can. He is always very encouraging, and has great advice for whatever skill we're currently working on. I highly recommend Ted!" – Kathy W. "I've been taking weekly voice lessons from Ted and he has really helped me develop my singing by focusing on specific areas that are relevant to my place on the learning curve. His style is passionate, fun, and easy going, yet direct and helpful. He is very talented and extremely skilled at hearing and teaching what will benefit you the most, and bring out your best singing!" – Mike H. “Ted's ability to quickly determine necessary elements for improvement is phenomenal. Plus, his ear is second to none for detecting minor flaws in the singing voice." – Rick V. "Ted is an extremely well-qualified vocal instructor/coach who has a great ear and comfortable teaching style. He has helped me improve my singing skills considerably. I highly recommend Ted for anyone, at any level of experience, who wants to learn how to sing and perform better." – Ira A. "Very wonderful experience would highly recommend" – Jennifer D. "Ted is absolutely brilliant. It is so fun to have a professional fine tune my voice! Gave me renewed confidence and joy." – Candace B "Ted has a fantastic ability to zero in on what will be most helpful to a singer. I have worked with him individually and in a quartet. In both cases, his insight and expertise were very valuable." – Craig M. "Ted worked with my quartet on our contest songs. We had a great time with him and learned a lot. He spend time on both technique and bringing the emotion to the music. He has great insight and enthusiasm. We came away feeling like we made good progress. Thanks Ted!" – Stacy L. "During my vocal lesson, Ted had me singing better than I thought I could. He creates a safe and fun atmosphere and is able to describe what he wants in a way that is easily understood. Very enjoyable!" – Kay.K "I am so grateful to have found Ted Chamberlain, a truly outstanding vocal and performance coach who has worked with me, my teenage daughter, and my barbershop quartet for the past three years, and whom I have observed in sessions with many other singers, both men and women. Ted is unfailingly kind, encouraging, patient, and persistent with singers at every skill level and is exceptionally adept at helping nervous beginners (of all ages) learn to love their voices and discover their own potential as singers and performers. He is that rare combination of vocal craft expert AND master teacher, who takes pleasure in finding (or inventing on the spot) the teaching strategy that will resonate best with a particular student's level of understanding and learning style. And while his teaching approach is flexible and creative, it is also highly systematic. Everyone I know who coaches with Ted talks about experiencing the satisfying feeling of PROGRESS-- of moving steadily towards better command of their voice and towards more artistically rewarding performances. Ted is a GEM! Highly, highly recommended." – Elizabeth D. "Ted coached my quartet, and I can't recommend him highly enough. He is so knowledgeable, but also so comfortable and approachable that he's not intimidating. He made us better in one session. Thank you Ted!" – Debbie E. "A complete professional. He really knows his stuff, and can apply teqnique a to any genre." – Brady A. "Ted gives bang for the buck! All his advice is within the singer's capability, and makes instant improvements, as well as teaching transferable skills." – Anna C. "Ted is fantastic at developing your voice to it's full potential. He is easy to work with." – Dee N "Ted's vast experience teaching voice and knowledge are immediately apparent. He is a true voice technician! Unlike other voice coaches I've had, he doesn't waste time getting to the heart of vocal issues and fixing them. Very recommended!" – Tyson J. “Thank you to our Number One Coach-Teacher-Cheerleader, Ted C Chamberlain, with whom we began coaching regularly two years( and 90 points) ago, and who set about methodically leading/coaxing/shoving us towards greatness. Ted believed in us long before we believed in ourselves. His passion and respect for the art form inspires us at every single coaching session and leaves us hungry for more. Our journey with him has been a pure joy. WE LOVE YOU, TED!!!!”  - Sunbreak Quartet
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